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Here is a LEGO City project that you might like to support.CUUSOO member Pekko posted a series of LEGO City mini-shops with real brands business names to brighten up your LEGO City. Besides being cute, the sets add a little bit of retro by using the old-school LEGO City shops format on 8×16 baseplates. And they can also connect to each other. Each of the shops comes with 2 minifigures 1 staff and 1 customer.
Currently there are 7 proposed sets in the LEGO City Mini Shop Series, and I’m sure more can be added in the future. I think they real challenge with these sets is going to be getting licenses from all of the different franchises, but I suppose it is doable as it would be good promotion for them as well. Here is the list of proposed LEGO City Mini Shop sets (you can also check out the interiors here – please note it is a big page and takes a while to load):
LEGO City Mini Shop Starbucks Coffee – come with Starbucks cups screen parts, coffee-machine, and two minifigures. I can tell you that my minifigs have been waiting for this for a long time!

LEGO City Mini Shop Apple Store – comes with mini versions of iPhones and iPads for your little people, and two minifigures. Here is where minifigs can geek out and buy all the latest gadgets!

LEGO City Mini Shop 7-ELEVEN – comes with beverage-cooler, soda-cans, and two minifigures. I particularly like the colors on this set!

LEGO City Mini Shop McDonald’s – comes with McDonald’s cups, overhead-menu, and two minifigures. Standard LEGO colors work really well for this – a match made in heaven!

LEGO City Mini Shop Dunkin Donuts – comes with donuts, overhead-menu, donut-trays, donut-box, and two minifigures. This is why all minifigures look overweight.

LEGO City Mini Shop LEGO Shop – comes with new sticker on LEGO box, Pick-A-Brick area, and two minifigures. Now your minifigures can buy some LEGO just for themselves!

The proposed price for the LEGO City Mini Shop Series is $19.99 for each set, but with licensing fees this could get higher. Still, I think these sets have great potential with lots of playability and cuteness. The project currently has a bit over 2,000 votes. Please remember that CUUSOO projects need to reach 10,000 votes before LEGO would consider them for production. If you like this LEGO project, please VOTE HERE
One of the perennial LEGO themes is LEGO City, a theme that has given us countless fire stations and police cars. However, especially in recent years, LEGO has gone the extra mile introducing fun subthemes into the LEGO City lineup. This year, LEGO civilization reached farther than ever… all the way to the Arctic!
This isn’t the first time citizens of LEGO City have visited the poles; in 2014 there was a previous wave of LEGO City Arctic sets, also featuring orange as a primary color (you can check out the sets in the Brickset database). This year, bright-blue and dark-blue have been added to the color scheme – a vast improvement, in my opinion! Not only that, but we get a wooly mammoth and a couple of saber tooth tigers, in addition to the polar bear and huskies that were released in 2014. We have already taken a look at these sets previously (see: LEGO City Arctic Sets Video-Reviews & More and 2018 LEGO Arctic Collection Review & Thoughts), but they merit another look before we move on to an overview of the whole theme.

The #60190 LEGO City Arctic Ice Glider is a nice introductory vehicle, fun to build and whoosh around. I like the concept of a glorified sled powered by a rear propeller, and it also includes a generous amount of minifigure accessories for the explorer!

The #60191 LEGO City Arctic Exploration Team is just a tad larger than the previous set, and is a great addition to any of the larger sets with the included three minifigures, a husky, a vehicle plus sled, and a little snow mound. As a stand-alone set, it would be a little lackluster, especially since the builds are all simple. However, it does include a fascinating new piece; a transparent light blue round brick with a mosquito printed on it.

The #60192 LEGO City Arctic Ice Crawler is my favorite of the new LEGO City Arctic sets. For one thing, the crawler has a great unique design (although I expect it is rather a pain to drive, especially considering that one lever is all the poor operator has for four legs and a claw hook!). This set is fun to build, and includes the poster minifigure for the line. And, who could say no to a cute frozen mouse?

The #60193 LEGO City Arctic Air Transport features a really fun quadrocopter, equipped with a winch for transporting ice-encumbered mammals. The winch is easy to operate, since the twisting gear sticks out the top. On the other hand, it is a little tough to get all four sets of blades spinning at the same time. Come on, isn’t that the first thing everyone tries to do?

The #60194 LEGO City Arctic Scout Truck comes with three minifigures, a polar bear, and a husky. Something about the jutting front treads of the truck seems a little unsightly to me, but I really like both little snow builds, and the interior of the truck has great play-value. Also, this set is designed to combine with LEGO BOOST to make a working forklift – a nice plus!

The #60196 LEGO City Arctic Supply Plane is a three-vehicle set that will bring your minifigures a long way on their quest to uncover the mysteries of the Arctic! I found the plane a little ordinary, but it does have a lot of cargo space (something the quadrocopter is lacking), and in any case, the ice cutter makes up for it! Although the #60192 LEGO City Arctic Ice Crawler is my favorite set, the ice cutter is definitely my favorite of the vehicles. The cab has 360-degree rotation, the treads move independently allowing for great maneuverability over large chunks of ice, and the saw can be raised and lowered into all kinds of different positions.

The #60195 LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base is the largest of the new LEGO City Arctic sets, with four connecting vehicles making for a long train to haul supplies and equipment over vast stretches of snowy wasteland. The cab/crane has a neat look with the front slanting windows, though (much to my surprise) several people have mistaken the other end for the front, despite the obvious incongruity of having a crane right in the middle of your windshield. Personally, that would never have occurred to me, but I do find that the crane has a tendency to fall off at the rotating base. After the excellent ice saw in the #60196 LEGO City Arctic Supply Plane, the one in this set is very basic, but the mammoth cave atones for all. This is an animal that has me very excited about potential uses in my own LEGO creations!

Speaking of animals, we haven’t talked much about any of the animal ice habitats/cages in these sets. They’re all built out of a mix of white, transparent-light-blue, and light-grey, and the ones that have animals trapped inside also have easy ways to remove the animals.

The saber tooth tigers and polar bear all have poseable rear legs and heads. Although only the mammoth’s head is poseable, it can turn completely around as well as up and down. And let’s not forget the mouse and mosquitoes! LEGO City has been giving us some great animal designs lately, and these LEGO City Arctic sets are no exception.

Between the seven sets, there are 20 minifigures and 2 huskies in the LEGO City Arctic theme, though several of the minifigures seem to be twins. On the whole, LEGO graphic designers did a very nice job making the figures similar and cohesive, but still with unique designs and colors. For instance, notice the white hands on some, azure on others, and dark-blue on a few. Arctic huskies have to be some of my favorite LEGO dogs. although the real reason I’m listing them with the minifigures instead of the animals has more to do with my forgetfulness than with my partiality for huskies
Most of the LEGO Friends go-kart sets became available at the beginning of the month, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the whole collection. It’s always exciting when a new sub-theme of LEGO Friends gets released with unique locations, accessories, and mini-dolls that are outside of what the regular Heartlake City sets offer. This time, the girls participate in go-kart racing, spread out in five LEGO Friends sets.

The smallest of the LEGO Friends go-kart racing sets is the #41348 LEGO Friends Service & Care Truck. It includes one go-kart, a go-kart launcher (included in all of the sets), a speed bump, and a cute stubby-nosed tow truck that can transport the go-cart. The truck features a lowering ramp to easily maneuver the go-kart onto the truck’s bed. Characters include Olivia in a cool racing outfit with a new style crash helmet with moulded-in hair (yes, it fits regular minifigs), her robot Zobo, and Rumble the hamster. While this is a solid standalone set, it is also a great addition to some of the larger sets in the series, like the car wash and the tuning shop. 247 pieces.– BUY HERE Freddy shop

The #41349 LEGO Friends Drifting Diner features an old-style diner with a burger grill, a takeout window, stylized car-shaped table with bench, and a giant burger icon on the roof. Separately, there is also a drive-in movie theatre, which can double as a phone/tablet holder, so you can play real movies for your mini-dolls. I really like the colors and shaping of the diner, although it could definitely be expanded for a more complete building. Like in all of the sets, you get a go-kart, a go-kart launcher, and one of the girls (this time Andrea) in racing outfit with the new style crash helmet. The other mini-doll’s name is Dottie with a fancy new hairpiece, and we also get the bird Pepper. The diner measures over 4” (11cm) high, 4” (12cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep. The drive-in movie theater measures over 3” (10cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep. 345 pieces.– BUY HERE Freddy shop

The #41350 LEGO Friends Spinning Brushes Car Wash is not yet released in the U.S., but I believe it’s available in other countries already. It features a car wash where the friends from Heartlake City clean up their go-karts before the big race. You can drive the go-kart slowly through the car wash and turn the red knob to make the brush spin. There is also a gas pump and a small convenience shop with coffee machine, and a go-kart launcher. From all the go-karts in the series, this is my favorite. I really like the colors and that it has a solar panel attached at the back. Mia wears a sporty racing outfit and crash helmet, and she has her bunny Twister with her. The other mini-doll, Zack, works at the car wash. I think this is a nice set overall, and could be used as a general car wash in Heartlake City. Car wash measures over 3” (10cm) high, 10” (27cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep. 325 pieces.– BUY HERE Freddy shop

The #41351 LEGO Friends Creative Tuning Shop features a showroom with sliding door function and revolving floor, lifting workshop platform, opening tool drawers and an upstairs office. The set also comes with two go-karts plus lots of extra pieces to create and customize them in all sorts of ways. This is a good set for learning how to customize the go-karts, but I feel the showroom is mostly dead space with not much going on. I would get any of the previoucs sets before this one, but you may have a different opinion. The two mini-dolls are Emma and Dean, and Chico the cat is also included. Tuning shop measures over 6” (16cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep. 413 pieces.– BUY HERE Freddy shop

The largest of the LEGO Friends go-kart sets is the #41352 LEGO Friends The Big Race Day. It is the set that all the others are leading up to; featuring the big race day! The main race building features a downstairs changing room with lockers and a restroom, while upstairs there’s a winner’s podium and VIP lounge for all the Heartlake City pets to watch the race (included are Vega the cat, Dash the dog and Twister the rabbit). There’s a start line and a separate finish line with light and loudspeakers. The three mini-dolls are Stephanie, Mia, and Vicky in racing outfits with crash helmets, each driving their own go-karts (go-kart launcher is included for all three). The finish line using the new roller coaster track pieces is a nice touch. I also like that the audience consists of all the girls’ pets. Kids love to line up their stuffed animals to make up the audience of various action scenes! The race building measures over 9” (25cm) high, 4” (12cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep. 648 pieces.– BUY HERE Freddy shop

So you can see the sets and their features better, I have included a few video-reviews and product animation in the player below.
This is a great assortment of LEGO Friends sets with a unique theme. I like the idea of go-kart racing, as it allows the introduction of a bunch of easily customizable colorful little cars in moderately priced sets. I also really like the outfits of the mini-dolls, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see LEGO fans using them in other settings. It’s a little unusual that there is no inexpensive introductory set to the theme, but the sets are fairly priced and none of them are too big or expensive. You can get just one of the sets, or mix and match them as you please. This is a well thought out and designed sub-theme of LEGO Friends with a fun subject that can be interesting to both boys and girls. You can find the sets at the LEGO Friends section of the Online LEGO Shop.

There has been lots of exciting news on upcoming sets as well as holiday shopping deals, but there is one piece of recent news we haven’t talked about yet. For LEGO Ninjago fans, 2019 is going to be an important year as the TV show celebrates its 100th episode. Tommy Andreasen, Senior Creative Manager at LEGO and co-creator of the LEGO Ninjago – Masters of Spinjitzu TV show, recently announced that the production team is working on a feature length TV film for LEGO Ninjago fans. Below is the full announcement.

LEGO Ninjago fans are quite familiar with Tommy Andreasen, as he regularly shares behind-the-scenes information and interesting little tidbits on his Twitter page.

For LEGO Ninjago fans, this is excellent news, although, as Tommy mentions, at this point it is not known when the four episodes and the feature length TV film version of the four episodes will air. Still, it is great to hear that the LEGO Ninjago – Masters of Online LEGO Shop.Spinjitzu is going to continue next year. Besides the TV show, we can also expect new LEGO sets, and in the meantime you can also take a look at the currently available sets at the LEGO Ninjago section of the Online LEGO Shop. If you are a LEGO Star Wars fan, you may remember that when the #75192 LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon first became available back in 2017, LEGO offered a special Black VIP Card for those who purchased the set before the end of the year. The card wasn’t just cool looking, but it also supposed to give access to a full year of Star Wars-themed offers throughout 2018, including points promotions, special events, gifts with purchase and more. Unfortunately, the Black VIP Card didn’t turn out as well as promised. First of all, few people were able to qualify for the card before the end of the year because the #75192 LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon was perpetually out of stock. Those who did manage to get the card didn’t get anything special either; just a couple of weeks of Double VIP Points at the beginning of the year, a small poster with the blueprint of the #75181 LEGO Star Wars UCS Y-Wing (neither of which were exclusive to Black VIP Cardholders), and a chance to win an 18-karat white gold R2-D2 figure. It looks like the Black VIP Card has been under the dark spell of the Sith…

A few days ago however, LEGO announced a new Black VIP Cardpromotion; the #5005747 LEGO VIP Star Wars Gift. The set features a brick-built holder for the Black VIP Card and a unique minifigure with a Millennium Falcon graphic on its torso. The cardholder and the minifig are rather nice (although I find it strange that the hands of the minifig are yellow). This is exactly the kind of exclusive promotional item LEGO should have been offering through the year to Black VIP Card holders. But I guess better later than never, and Black VIP Card holders can get at least one unique item.

If you are a Black VIP Card holder, you should have gotten an email by now about the promotion and how to claim the #5005747 LEGO VIP Star Wars Gift. My understanding is that it is available with any LEGO Star Warspurchase from December 7th until January 31st, 2019. You can find all the currently available sets at the LEGO Star Wars section of the Online LEGO Shop. Freddy shop

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